Logitech Crayon for iPad (6th Gen.)

Sep 2, 2018

Photos by Apple

Logitech Crayon is a versatile, pixel-precise digital pencil, designed specifically for iPad 6th generation and its large Multi-Touch Retina display, that brings another dimension to learning and opens up new avenues of creativity for any digital artist on a budget.

Apple announced the $49 Logitech Crayon way back in March during its back to school event, that was only available exclusively to schools and educators back than. Why it could be so appealing for digital artists in the field is because it's compatible with the sixth-generation iPad, which is another budget option on the go! The Crayon is every bit as functional as the Apple Pencil, and in some cases even more so. And it's now available to an audience beyond schools, making it a great buy for almost everyone at a slightly more expensive price point of 69.99 USD.

The Crayon's 6.5-inch long aluminum body is shaped like a carpenter's pencil, a decidedly flat rectangle that won't easily roll away and fits comfortably in your hand. Its light metal build is cool to the touch, and its sleek, minimalist design is punctuated by an orange tip and cap, easy to spot in a backpack or in the sand for that matter.

The Crayon's 2mm tip is just as thin as the Apple Pencil's, making it a precise tool for drawing and taking notes accurately without any noticeable lag. It mimics the narrower strokes of pens and pencils more precisely than wider-tipped styli, which can be a complete dealbreaker in most other cases. The Crayon is compatible with many apps that support the Apple Pencil, we've tried it with Procreate providing excellent results.

Like the Apple Pencil, the Logitech Crayon supports dynamic line weight, which means the lines you draw appear thicker or thinner based on the angle at which the stylus is held. However, The Crayon doesn't support pressure sensitivity like the Apple Pencil, using only tilt to control line thickness - something to keep in mind when investing in this tool.

Logitech Crayon uses tilt to control thickness instead of pressure sensitivity (Photo by Logitech)

Price: 69.95 USD

The Logitech Crayon is available directly from the Apple Store or through Logitech's website from September 12. A thorough review and comparison with the Apple Pencil can be found here and in the video below.

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