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Sep 6, 2018

Logitech Crayon for iPad will be available for everybody to purchase starting September 12

Instead of creating a cheaper Apple Pencil or dropping the price of the existing version, Apple lent its technology to Logitech, to create the $49 Crayon digital pencil that could be purchased as an education-only accessory to go with its new sixth-generation iPad.

Krisztián Vértes

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Sep 2, 2018

Logitech Crayon for iPad (6th Gen.)

Logitech Crayon is a versatile, pixel-precise digital pencil, designed specifically for iPad 6th generation and its large Multi-Touch Retina display, that brings another dimension to learning and opens up new avenues of creativity for any digital artist on a budget.

Krisztián Vértes

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May 24, 2019

The Temple of Deir el Bahari – The epigraphic work of Howard Carter

Early in his career, from 1894 to 1899, Howard Carter worked with Édouard Naville at Deir el-Bahari, where he recorded the wall reliefs in the temple of Hatshepsut.

Précis and commentary by Júlia Schmied

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Nov 23, 2022

The Epigraphic Work of Howard Carter

We would be remiss if digitalEPIGRAPHY did not commemorate Howard Carter in some way on the 100th anniversary of discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun, one of the most important milestones in the history of both Egypt and Egyptology. The next installment of our Evolution of Epigraphy series is therefore dedicated to his exceptional but lesser-known achievements in epigraphy.

Written by Júlia Schmied

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