The “Ready for Collation” Layer

Aug 25, 2018

Before the artist starts adding the collation sheets to the digital drawing, he/she needs to set up the current stage as a layer for future reference. Later on, when we need a before and after collation comparison, this layer will be the one to which all subsequent changes can be related.

The “Ready for Collation” Layer

(1) Select all the drawing layers, hit right click (secondary click) and pick Duplicate Layers from the drop-down menu.

(2) When asked about the destination you’d like to add the new layers, hit OK without changing anything.

(3) Notice that all the new layers have the same name with “copy” added automatically. Merge your new layers.

(4) Rename your new layer and move it to the bottom of your stack right above the Background Layer.

Once the “Ready for Collation” layer is created, it should be locked. It needs to be visible only when comparing drawing stages to each other.

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