SmudgeGuard drawing gloves and their alternatives – a digital artists’ everyday essential

Nov 22, 2018

A lot of digital artists have the problem that after a while of using a Wacom tablet, the surface warms up and their hands start "sticking" to the drawing display, making the glass surface less than ideal for that smooth brushstroke they were about to draw. SmudgeGuard, this little piece of genius solves that problem by providing a protective barrier between the hand and the Wacom. Since your digital tablet’s surface is extremely sensitive, sweat, grease, or your own skin oil will interfere with your desired strokes and lines. By wearing SmudgeGuard, your strokes and lines will be more precise and smoother, not just when working in the studio, but basically on any drawing surface, be it regular paper or glass for that matter. In the meantime, your other fingers stay exposed for full sensation and dexterity, therefore you'll still have control over the grip of the pen or pencil. It's also comfortable enough to wear while performing other tasks, such as typing on a keyboard.

Further benefits include keeping the surface of your iPad, Wacom etc. cleaner, meaning you won't have to wipe your screen nearly as often. The material feels durable, being made of a type of Nylon that is exceptionally strong, easy to wash, abrasion resistant, and long lasting. It is also sewn precisely to fit snug to your hand, so it is comfortable enough to use every day. Although both the 1-finger and the 2-finger versions work quite well for all situations, we’d recommend purchasing the latter, for the additional comfort and protection it presents.

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Price: $17.99

While SmudgeGuard’s gloves are somewhat expensive for what is essentially a glove with only one or two fingers, they provide long term benefits improving your workflow, either working in the field on your iPad or using it in your studio for more complex tasks. SmudgeGuard can be purchased directly from their website or via one of the numerous online retailers. There is also a size guide available for those who need help figuring out their desired version. There are several different companies besides SmudgeGuard, which offer special drawing gloves for digital artists, but most of them don’t provide the quality we need when working in Egypt. For the price-conscious, digitalEPIGRAPHY would like to recommend this cheaper alternative that worked for us in past years. 

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