Delux T11 Designer Keypad

Oct 1, 2018

Photo by Delux

Delux's Designer Keyboard is a useful tool to eliminate the need of memorizing all the shortcut keys a digital artist needs to use every day, while it helps minimizing the time one spends with repetitive tasks working with Photoshop etc. This is the perfect product that is specifically made for designers to help increase their work efficiency.

Photo by Delux

With the Designer Keyboard we can simplify our workload and program complex multi-step command sequences into a single keycap. Furthermore, we can take full and precise control with the multi-functional Dial. Needless to say, that the keyboard is compatible with Wacom and other graphic tablets along with nine of the major software solutions in the market, such as CAD, InDesign, Maya, Illustrator and Photoshop. But, that’s not all, the possibilities are endless with the Delux Designer. Regardless of the software, one can set up shortcut keys and command sequences on any program. Create, edit, design, paint, and more with ease thanks to Delux.

Just a few more key elements of the hardware-software combo Delux offers to help our day to day digital needs:

  • Make your shortcuts even shorter. Customize all the shortcuts you need to a single key.
  • Perform complex tasks with a single click. Program multi-step tasks into a one keyboard switch.
  • Zoom, scroll and adjust settings with a spin. The Dial's eight functions include scrolling up/down, left/right, page navigations, brightness, volume, zoom, mouse scroll and brush size adjustments.

The Delux Designer Keyboard comes with a client software that is compatible with both Mac and PC and manages setting up your shortcuts etc. It is still a work in progress and gets updated with bug fixes and new features fairly often.

Price: $69,99

You can find a review of the Delux Designer Keyboard here. Some of the most popular buying options either in silver on grey can be found directly at Delux or through Aliexpress. Now, that Delux's original Kickstarter campaign has ended, the company has stared accepting preorders of the Designer Keyboard on Indiegogo.

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