West Wall of the Chapel with the Seated Statues of Tomb Owner Djehuty and his Progenitors, Theban Tomb 11

Feb 16, 2021

A Spanish archaeological mission coordinated by the Spanish National Research Council has been working at the hill of Dra Abu el-Naga North since January 2002. The mission, also known as the ‘Djehuty Project’, has recently turned its attention towards its epigraphic process's digital overhaul. After nineteen successful seasons, project epigraphers, Egyptologist Daniel M. Méndez-Rodríguez and Digital Artist Carmen Ruiz Sánchez de León are ready to report on their progress.

Changing course on their wall-documenting methodology goes back to 2018 when the cleaning and consolidation of the innermost chamber walls and the corridor were finished. It was decided that the epigraphic drawing would progress from the innermost walls towards the outside (the axis of the tomb is 17 meters long!).

After carrying out a thorough photographic session, it became clear that, due to the numerous and different types of damages on the walls, even the best photography was unable to capture the artistic value of the composition as a whole and the individual figures carved in relief. Thus, it was decided that their epigraphic work should be refined to show the high quality of the artistry and the beauty of the decoration. To achieve this goal and find the most suitable method for the specific circumstances, the Spanish team turned to the digital epigraphic practices originally developed by the Epigraphic Survey...

Daniel and Carmen's article is not only a worthwhile addition to our case study collection but essentially an introduction to the unique set of problems one has to handle when taking upon the task of documenting a battered Theban Tomb with an exquisitely rich history. You can read the first part of their progress report by clicking here!

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