In Memoriam Gábor Schreiber (1974-2020)

Dec 9, 2020

Yesterday I said my final goodbye to one of the brightest young Egyptologists in Hungary. Gabor was a great scholar, a true friend, an encouraging critique, and an unconditional supporter of the documentation work I've been doing in recent years. His love for documenting and understanding ancient Egypt's cultural heritage, his ideas, and his lexical knowledge never ceased to impress.

His role in the epigraphic documentation of Theban Tomb 179 can't be overstated. The way these drawings evolved over the past 7 years was largely thanks to his dedication to not merely be "present" in Egypt but to make a mark by finishing what he had started. Sadly his tragic death prevented him from doing exactly that since many of his projects now remain without a definite conclusion.

TT 179, the private tomb of Nebamun, was the vehicle for our shared vision to develop a digital drawing method in the most thorough and respectful way to the original work of art. Finishing what has been started and presenting these ideas, his legacy, is his colleagues' and friends' responsibility. But it won't be the same without his impact and guidance.

He'll be sourly missed but not forgotten. Not until there are ancient Egyptian monuments to look upon and document.

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