Drawing fragments from the Osiris Temple at Abydos with assisting cats

Jun 27, 2020

I was told that one can’t operate a proper Instagram account without cat photos... So there you go, here is mine (don’t expect this to happen too often)!

By the way it was 2004, I had this season drawing for the Osiris Temple Project (from January to March) and it was the coldest 3 months of my life.

We were only 3 at the Abydos dig house (@digabydos) and my daily routine consisted of eating my breakfast, walking a couple of meters to the magazines, drawing, eating again, drawing again, eating again and going to sleep.

In the meantime, the house cats were constantly around, mostly hanging out with project leader Michelle Marlar and myself, helping us in whatever way they could. Still, one of my best memories...

Thank you Michelle (@osiris_marlar) for the photo!

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