Abydos cat Zetuna watching Krisztian tracing a Ramesside column drum

Jan 11, 2021

The new year begins with a new cat photo, just to catch your attention :)... Well, Happy New Year to All! According to Plato, “The beginning is the most important part of the work”. So let's get 2021 started with sharing a few ideas of what to expect from digitalEPIGRAPHY on social media.

We have two brand new databases just released here and here, concerning beautifully decorated painted hieroglyphs as well as several visual samples from the rich history of documenting ancient Egypt. Although gathering material for our new collections has only started, both databases have already more than hundred entries.

In the next months we'll run several special posts asking you, dear Instagram and Facebook users, to share your high resolution photos of exquisitely painted hieroglyphs! You can help us enrich our collection and win some serious drawing tools by being our top collector! But more on this in the next post ;)...

Naturally, we'll keep publicizing the epigraphic work by sharing photos of our daily adventures regarding documentation at various Egyptian locations. We'll keep sampling articles from the digitalEPIGRAPHY website, drawing your attention to new tool and software reviews and the best epigraphic case studies and tutorials available online. You can expect the occasional appearance of cool drawing details indicating various documentation techniques as well.

However, we'll also try something new. We'll start serializing our most interesting projects, giving you the full picture in byte-sized snippets. Periodically, you'll find a series of nine continuous posts each accompanied with a single photo and the necessary textual explanation. At the end of each "case study" series there will be a finished drawing posted in a carousel, so you can see more details. Look for the numbered framed posts to keep up with these stories! And now let's get things started...

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