New Pro Pen slim digital stylus introduced by Wacom to reduce hand cramps

Feb 17, 2019

Photo by Wacom

The last time Wacom updated its Pro Pen series was a long time ago. Now, in response to designers and digital artists who have requested a more ergonomic stylus, the company is introducing a new pen, called the Pro Pen slim. Wacom’s new stylus is thinner than both of their current Pro Pens (even thinner than the company’s current thinnest, the Classic Pen) and is designed to emulate the feel of brushes and pencils. As the $69.95 Classic Pen hasn’t been updated for several years, Wacom’s latest stylus aims to provide the same natural drawing experience with updated specs. The new Pro Pen slim seems to offer the exact same features than the Pro Pen 2, only in a slenderer body. On the outside, it has two customizable side switches and the usual eraser on the top, but its diameter is thinner than the Pro Pen 2 by up to 4 millimeters. This trimming down might be useful for creators struggling with hand fatigue caused by working multiple hours every day on their drawing displays.

Wacom Pro Pen slim main features (Photo by Wacom)

According to the official announcement, the new pen is built to be used with Wacom MobileStudio Pro, Wacom Cintiq Pro, Wacom Intuos Pro and the new Wacom Cintiq 16. Wacom Pro Pen slim features battery free EMR technology, 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt-response (+/- 60 degrees) and virtually lag-free tracking. With the new stylus, you can gain easy access to your favorite shortcuts with two customizable side switches. Also included is a protective case with 5 color rings, 6 extra nibs (4 standard, 2 felt) and a nib removal hole.

Wacom Pro Pen slim comes in its own protective case (Photo by Wacom) 

The Pro Pen slim is available now in Japan for about $80 and will be released worldwide soon at select online retailers and electronics stores. Finally, when we make a decision about what Pro Pen would be best suited for our epigraphic work, we shouldn’t forget about Wacom’s Pro Pen 3D, which is created for digital artists and designers who value a streamlined, highly customizable workflow on their drawing displays. On the Pro Pen 3D, there are three fully customizable pen buttons that work in a range of 3D or 2D applications. Here is a quick comparison chart to Wacom’s Pro pens, supplemented with the new Pro Pen slim.

Photo by Wacom

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