Khonsu Temple – Sketchfab models of two of the temple’s chapels

3D models
Aug 26, 2020

Created by ARCE and David Anderson

Created by ARCE and David Anderson

The Temple of Khonsu is located in the southwest corner of the Karnak Temple Complex on the East Bank of Luxor. The Khonsu Temple is one of the best-preserved and most complete of the New Kingdom temples. Its construction was begun during the reign of Ramses III on the site of an earlier temple; however, it was finished by a number of later rulers. Much of the temple’s foundations, floors, walls, columns, and pylons were built of reused fragments. 

The temple is dedicated to the moon god Khonsu, son of Amun and Mut. It consists of a peristyle court, bordered by a portico of twenty-eight columns, a hypostyle hall, a barque sanctuary, several side chapels and a staircase leading to the roof. 

The conservation of the temple was carried out by the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) in phases beginning in 2006 and lasting until 2018. In addition to cleaning and conserving six chapels inside the temple, the project included structural repairs to stabilize the monument, a photographic documentation training school for the Luxor inspectorate, and the introduction of visitor information and signage.

Chapel 6, Khonsu Temple (Sketchfab model created by David Anderson)

Chapel 12, Khonsu Temple (Sketchfab model created by David Anderson)


The Sketchfab models were created by David Anderson (University of Wisconsin)

To see David Anderson’s other 3D models, visit his Sketchfab page.


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