Tomb of Nefertari (QV 66)


Goddess with diadem (modius) on head (The Polychrome Hieroglyph Research Project lists the sign as C126, while in Hannig's extended library it is listed as B7c, Queen with diadem on head.)



Sign No.:

C126 /B7c



Valley of the Queens, Thebes


Color notes:

The face is yellow, the eye black, the long wig falling over her shoulder is blue, the cylindrical headdress on her head is red, the robe is red with a blue and white horizontally striped collar. The outline of the sign is black.

Stylistic Notes:

The yellow face of the goddess is symbolic for Egyptian female skin. The red robe indicates a prestigious red cloth made in the temples and often worn by the gods.

Image source:

The Tomb of Nefertari (